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. Installation of THERMART insulating and decorative panels outdoors. WOODIE Gray and BRICKS WHITE models, thickness 55 mm, thermal resistance of 1.8 m² K / W. Very fast and practical to install with mechanical fixings or by gluing inside or outside. THERMART 01 60 67 13 38 [email protected]


. Aluminum gate and fences Creation of a 2-leaf motorized welded aluminum gate and two tailor-made wall fence elements. The combination of trendy wood and aluminum brings a touch of modernity to the entrance of this property. The wood used is Tulip tree and does not require any particular maintenance, no stain, no treatment. You can customize this type of model by incorporating your own wood if you wish. Structure and lacquering of the whole guaranteed 10 years without obsolescence !! EUROPORTAIL For more information contact us: E-mail: [email protected] Web: Facebook: // Aluminum carport Creation of a custom aluminum carport. The model presented measures 5m wide by 7m long. The entire structure of the carport is made of aluminum with profiles of 5mm minimum thickness. The support posts of section 15cmx15cm and the transverse purlins of section 10cmx10cm allow us to carry out carports of great dimensions and great heights (for example to shelter a motorhome). The finishing of the strip is coordinated with the gate, a wooden filling and an aluminum frame to ensure rigidity. Very easy to install, our carports are delivered as a ready-to-install kit. EUROCARPORT For more information contact us: E-mail: [email protected] Web: Facebook: //


. "Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this show, Bel'm presents a tailor-made composite set, around a aluminum double door PHOSPHORE : a solid contemporary lined door. The composite set is a solution to aesthetically integrate your door like in a case and transform a barn door into a majestic reception airlock. On this site, the front door is framed by 2 fixed glass parts, called fixed when sleeping and a glass fanlight for maximum light for very comfortable living rooms. The glazed parts ensure a level of security by its burglar-retardant qualities (class 2). This door in anthracite gray (RAL 7016) brings modernity to the house and enhances the heritage property of the owners. Find all of our products on The site was laid by our client LELANDAIS Fermetures // - Mr Jean-Christophe LELANDAIS - Saint Maur des fossés (94100) - Tel. : 01 70 82 60 67- Mail: [email protected]


. There are two systems implemented on this service: 1 / Draining vegetal concrete ("Grasscrete") Drained vegetal concrete ("Grasscrete") is a traditional concrete system poured on site on special cellular molds, allowing to obtain a structural, circulating and draining surface. The cavities in the concrete are filled with draining aggregates or topsoil on which grass is sown. This system helps maintain the natural balance of groundwater due to its draining characteristics, with structural resistance to the passage of vehicles, while preserving the well-being generated by green spaces. 2 / Surface coloring (permanent coloring of "Newlook" concretes) in opaque color Black The "Newlook" permanent coloring system for concretes allows concrete to be durably colored on the surface, in an opaque manner. There are 30 standard colors. This technology colors the cement paste of concrete in depth. It preserves the mineral appearance of concrete. Being an integral part of concrete (it is not a film-forming layer of paint) the color will never come off the support, it is a permanent coloring. It is an ideal solution for the renovation of all concrete surfaces. (I will send you the web link before the weekend) MODERN METHOD Brands: Grasscrete and Newlook Contacts: [email protected] / Tel. : 01 64 36 15 26 CEMEX concretes: website: CEMEX Bétons is the world leader in ready-mixed concrete for professionals and individuals and provides a whole range of products and services adapted to needs, as well as a network of qualified Experensol applicators for the implementation special products. Participation for the broadcast: Exterior path leading to the house made in advanci C25 / 30 G1 (self-leveling concrete with small aggregates) to facilitate implementation in order to fill the mold space of the new Grasscrete system (lawn concrete). Indeed, grasscrete, is a mold process that must be filled with concrete to provide resistance to the soil. once the concrete has hardened, reservations provided for this purpose are filled with soil to reveal the lawn, these spaces can also be filled with aggregates. The concretes were delivered to the pump for ease of delivery and installation. CEMEX aggregates: website: CEMEX Bétons is the world leader in ready-mixed concrete for professionals and individuals and provides a whole range of products and services adapted to needs, as well as a network of qualified Experensol applicators for the implementation special products. Participation for the emission: Delivery of aggregates of small clippings in order to fill part of the grasscrete system


. New pergola, ARLEQUIN model It is a simple and effective concept of pergola: the color panels and the frames slide relative to each other, to open everything, or close everything. We can thus protect ourselves from the sun, or rain. The whole is maneuvered with a rod, very easily. The customer can choose his color assortments from 22 panel shades, to create an infinity of combinations. SOLISYSTEME We are therefore the designers and manufacturers (we have 2 models, the bioclimatic with adjustable blades, and the Arlequin pergola) Our products are labeled "ORIGIN France GUARANTEE" More info and distributor network on Our contact details: SOLISYSTEME® 11 route de la Cour d'Hénon 86170 AVANTON Tel. +33 (0) 5 49 60 27 21 Facebook: // Google +: //


. Traditional fence originating in Limousin, TOURAINE NATURE has resumed the artisanal manufacture of fence and palisade in chestnut. With a lifespan of around thirty years, these environmentally friendly fences are made to measure, thus making it possible to satisfy all your desires. Established historically in Touraine, the TOURAINE NATURE company has been operating for more than fifteen years in Ile de France as well as throughout France. We invite you to assist in the creation and arrangement of your garden with in particular our flagship products heather and chestnut. To see our creations, find us on our website


. claustras Patented fastening system! The louvre installation allows you to mount a fence without worrying too much about the height. In fact the wind resistance is reduced, since the wind slides through the blades (on one side as on the other). The installation of SiXiS products, adapt to the wishes of the customer or his needs! The height becomes flexible as well as the width of the panels! The installation template, allows mounting in peace and very quickly! The fixing kits being made of stainless steel, this guarantees a long service life! At Sixis, there is no "OUT OF STANDARD", we adapt to the dimensions of commercial wood or those available to the customer (So the SIXIS process exists for all widths of wooden slats, as well as for all the pole sections! SIXIS // [email protected] Postal address SIXIS 20Bis, Rue De Park Menez 29000 QUIMPER Tel: 06 71 71 63 77


. - Pavers: thickness 4 cm or 6 cm - Copy of XVIII th street pavers - Range of gray color custom made - Material: reconstituted stone (natural stone base bound by resins). - 70 different footprint models - Frost-resistant and drive-over material - Possibility of laying on a gravel bed - lean concrete screed or bonded to concrete slab. Maker : S.A.R.L Martial Grux 49 Route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Tel: Mail: [email protected] Net:


. LA JARDINERIE POULLAIN, with its nursery, raises all the plants and shrubs produced in its crops with current ecological standards . This nursery is governed by the blue plant standard which works in compliance with the phytosanitary products in force. For this arrangement we have chosen the most suitable plants for the region namely bamboos, hydrangeas pinky winky, autumnal plants (perovskia, charcoals, sage) in the pots. POULLAIN Garden Center / Nursery 1 avenue des Platanes 78940 LA QUEUE LES YVELINES 01 34 86 42 99 Facebook: // Youtube: // user / POULLAINTV / featured CONTEMPORARY GARDEN outdoor pot in gray earth available in 5 sizes CARRE CONTEMPORAIN outdoor pot in gray earth available in 3 sizes JARRE CONTEMPORAINE outdoor pot in gray earth available in 3 sizes GOICOECHEA POTTERY [email protected] Flower box and cast iron LW 12084: ¬- Large square shaped planter in sand gray patinated iron. The iron tray is removable from the cast iron frame. This product will find its place both indoors and outdoors. Available in two smaller sizes. Enameled terracotta jar ref: URNEPM: - Enameled terracotta earthenware jar with two handles and a cover. Something new at L'Héritier du Temps !!!! - We have moved to international time, find us now on our new site and follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - Development of the wholesaler activity: A site reserved exclusively for decoration professionals and a salesperson at your service - Launch of the new site at the end of November! More intuitive, more colorful, more trendy !!!!!!!!


. The CUISINART BQ802E Gas Barbecue Gas BBQ 3 burners + side stove + infrared, delivered assembled in wooden case Gas barbecue - 13.8KW - 3 independent double burners + Infrared burner + Side stove - 3 cooking grates in enamelled cast steel - Electric piezo - Cooking cover stainless steel - Grease collector - Adjustable temperature - Supplied assembled - with casters. CUISINART PBQ02E Plancha enamelled cast iron, Made in France Universal plancha plate 48 x 33 cm - Waterproof & neutral, resistant & stainless enamel coating - which stores and then returns the heat to cook evenly - Easy to clean - Anti-projection edge to keep the barbecue clean - Storage and disposal of juice cooking - French manufacturing. CUISINART CBQ801E Cover for BQ800E Gas BBQ Waterproof all-season protective cover - Protects your barbecue. CDISCOUNT Our strength: Tens of thousands of products in stock among the major brands of household appliances, the power to negotiate promotional offers on the best products, advice, warranty, financing and appropriate delivery services. Cdiscount combines brands and discount household appliances every day!


. Deauville table: Practical and user-friendly, this table with double central extension gives you the possibility of passing at any time from 8 to 12 guests with ease. Your family will be able to grow! Kintbury chairs (signed Terence Conran): THE SACRED OF A NEW COLLECTION! The MOST FAMOUS London designer Terence Conran signs for Fermob a table and chair set called Kintbury! Curves that are both selective and romantic, geometric lines that play on symmetries, a nice work of the thread emphasizing the know-how of Fermob and the inspiration of the designer. Kintbury is the vision of the designer of the authentic English garden chair updated. FERMOB, a French SME, is the benchmark for the art of living in the garden made in France! Design, simplicity, ergonomics, resistance and colors are the watchwords of each new collection. Developed year after year, the creations are a hit, whether they are straight from the Studio Design Fermob or those signed, in collaboration with designers, recognized or in the making. Many professionals choose Fermob for its ability to hear and respond to their specific needs, while offering aesthetic must-haves. Choice of furniture, definition and harmonization of colors, personalization (exclusive colors, marking by laser cutting, etc.), optimization of space and layout plans: Fermob teams are present at each stage of any project. The brand has even created a department dedicated to tailor-made: "Special business"! Result, this French SME, whose industrial site is based in Thoissey (01), is proud to display 26 years of consecutive growth, with 43 million euros of turnover for 2014, of which 46% were made at the stranger! A beautiful saga, as only France has the secret! Iron and wood table LW1133: -Folding table in iron and wood. Ideal as a small outdoor table or side console Something new at L'Héritier du Temps !!!! - We have moved to international time, find us now on our new site and follow us on Facebook on our page L'Héritier du Temps - Development of the wholesaler activity: A site reserved exclusively for decoration professionals and a salesperson at your service - Launch of the new site at the end of November! More intuitive, more colorful, more trendy !!!!!!!!


. Outdoor lighting from Philips Lighting: PHILIPS LIGHTING Serene terminal reference: 16851/87/16 Serene wall lamp reference: 16850/87/16 The Philips Serene collection bollards and wall lights bring gardens and terraces to life to take full advantage of its outdoor spaces and make it a world of relaxation and conviviality. Made from solid, quality materials, Philips outdoor lights stay stylish for a long time, whatever the weather. Each product is also equipped with high-power LED technology, whose lifetime requires no maintenance, and ensures perfect and natural lighting in complete safety. The sober and refined style of the Serene wall light will look great on the terrace. It is also equipped with a dimmer to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere during a family dinner. The Serene terminals from Philips will magnify the paths and paths of the whole space. Available from Lighting Specialists (Comptoir des lustres // /), on the WEB (Amazon DIY (Bricomarché) "


. 1 bouquet of orange flowers WORD OF FLOWERS // candles PARTYLITE, essential player and true decoration expert. Founded in 1973 in the United States, PartyLite is today a global company present in 21 countries which offers a wide choice of high quality fragrances and decoration accessories, with more than a hundred new products each year. Launched in 1999 on the French market, it now generates € 60 million in sales there. reader info: Facebook page: // Wood Garden Design Lanterns Ref: 2062300 FINAL POINT