Soap, a new decorative accessory in our bathrooms

Soap, a new decorative accessory in our bathrooms

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Today, it is out of the question to leave a soap lying on the edge of the bathroom sink! Thanks to the creativity of brands, this small cube that we use every day, now takes all forms, has fun with all colors and is exposed as a real decorative object. To make your guests or just your family members dream, we have prepared a nice shopping trip for you! At the time of writing, we fell for gourmet, colorful, graphic or nostalgic models. We all remember the famous yellow model mounted on screws that fitted the school toilets. Today there is a small place in our industrial style kitchens or in our retro ambiance bathrooms. For a little snack break, let yourself be tempted by the model in the shape of a chocolate bar or one that takes up the appearance of the famous little butter. For the holiday season, you can even adopt a little gingerbread man for a very Christmas touch in the bathroom. Finally, for a more design look, we prefer the cut soapstone from Pelle or the Marseille soap revisited by Théophile Berthon. All you have to do is choose yours!
1. The soapstone, € 12.80 at Pelle / 2. The Petit Beurre soap, € 3.95 at L'Accro du Bain / 3. The Plaisir Infini chocolate soap, € 8.20 at Le Paradis des Savons / 4. Rock'N'Rose soap, € 10.45 for 200g at Lush / 5. Marseille soap by Théophile Berthon, € 6.10 at The Tops / 6. Provendi rotary soap, € 24.58 at Provendi / 7. Gingerbread man soap, € 2.45 at Crimsonhill


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