Tutorial: making an advent calendar crown

Tutorial: making an advent calendar crown

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DIY advent calendars we know! Just like the door wreaths for Christmas. But have you ever thought of mixing the two? It was Carine from the blog Silence on décore, who had this great idea: a calendar in the shape of a crown, simply made with paper, wire, and a little patience. duration : about two hours Cost : around 10 € of supplies (reusable)


You will need: - white paper - golden adhesive paper - adhesive tape - wooden clothespins - wire - a hole punch or a circular template to cut out the golden circles. - a white Posca-type felt - packaged candies or chocolates


1. Start by folding your stars. For detailed instructions, refer to this star folding tutorial. Arm yourself with courage and patience, you will need 48 stars in total! 2. Gather the stars two by two with tape to create small boxes. Before closing them, put some candies inside.
3. Then cut the circles out of the gold paper, either using a hole punch, or with a template and scissors (in this case, it may be easier to make a triangle or a diamond). 4. With the marker, write the numbers 1 to 24 on the paper circles, then stick them on the stars.
5. Coarsely twist the wire to create the base of the crown. Make several thicknesses of wire. 6. Finally, hang your stoles on the wire with the clothespins.


And There you go ! A very original and beautiful advent calendar! The icing on the cake, you can then collect the stars and recycle them into Christmas decorations simply by attaching a piece of baker twine to them.
Thanks to Carine for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your Christmas wreaths on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!