Lighting the living room for Christmas

Lighting the living room for Christmas

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To give a festive atmosphere to your living room for the Christmas holidays, nothing like a little light that brings warmth to your room. You don't know how to light your living room? Here are 3 decor ideas and a shopping selection to illuminate your room.

Candles for a warm atmosphere

To guarantee a warm atmosphere, candles are essential. Easy to use, they are available in numbers throughout the room to highlight the darker corners and play the decorative card. You will find many candle jars on the theme of Christmas. As a bonus, some scented candles can distill a Christmas atmosphere with scents like cinnamon or more original, wood fire.

Garlands for the festive atmosphere

The garlands not only find their place on the tree but they can also become real light accessories for the whole room. They create a festive atmosphere while providing very soft mood lighting. We can run a garland on a piece of furniture, place it in a pot to create a ball of light or install it in any corner of the room to dress it up.

Light objects for the Christmas theme

Finally, to light up your interior while infusing the theme of parties into your decor, you will find many bright accessories such as cones that take up the idea of ​​a Christmas tree, Christmas animals such as deer or polar bears as well only stars of all sizes.
1. The frosted mountain tealight holder, € 9.99 at Maisons du Monde / 2. The green fir candle, € 17.99 at Zara Home / 3. The white paper star-shaped light garland, € 25 at Delamaison / 4. The elongated reindeer, € 44.90 at Alinéa / 5. The golden luminous star Zoé Rumeau, € 135 at Smallable / 6. The garland of 6 knitted balls, € 19.90 at