Material focus: how to choose watercolor paint?

Material focus: how to choose watercolor paint?

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Water painting, watercolor is one of the oldest painting techniques used on a flexible support. Combining ground pigments and gummed water, watercolor ensures a result with complete transparency. Depending on the surface and the details to be painted, you will choose one or the other of the watercolor packaging: in tubes or in pots. Here are some practical tips for determining how to choose your watercolor.

Choosing watercolor in tubes

Packaged in the form of tubes,watercolor is ideal for painting large areas such as a sky. Its high glycerin content makes it easy to use, approaching the consistency of gouache. watercolor in tubes has many advantages such as:

  • Its ability to dry slowly and therefore to be worked longer.
  • Do not damage the news: 739807 brushes.
  • A lower price than watercolor in cups (about 3 euros per 10 ml).
  • The possibility of making your own mixes on a pallet.
  • A single color allows different shades.

But also reveals some disadvantages:

  • Low resistance to heat which makes it quickly solid.
  • Impossible to use once solidified.
  • Preparing too much material is like wasting part of it.

Choose watercolor in pots

Packed in the form of cups,watercolor is preferred for the painting small areas and details very easily (a portrait, for example).watercolor in pots has many advantages such as:

  • Provision of a plurality of colors in a single palette.
  • Ideal packaging to take outside.
  • A use that is perfectly suited to the painting details.

But also disadvantages to take into account:

  • A tendency to mold easily if the painting is still wet.
  • The right mix of painting complicated.
  • Colors that are not always "clean" due to the mixtures in the box.
  • A higher cost than watercolor in tubes (on average 25 euros for a palette of 8 colors).