How about pink cuisine?

How about pink cuisine?

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In recent years, brands have decided to turn the neck on preconceived ideas by offering new colors in certain rooms of the house. This is the case of the kitchen, which has been confined to white, gray and brown for decades: after having gone green and cherry red, flagship colors of the 2000s, it now dares to pink! Long considered too feminine, even childish, pink now appears as a classic even in our stoves. Explanations.

How to integrate pink in your kitchen?

There are many ways to approach the color pink in a kitchen. The total look is undoubtedly the most radical step, however you may get tired of it after a while. The simplest thing therefore is to opt for pink in small touches, by painting a section of the wall, by exposing small household appliances on the work surface, or by choosing colored kitchen furniture. The variations of pink are unlimited, ranging from purple to pastel shades, including Indian pink and purple. Generally speaking, strong colors will perfectly suit an ethnic atmosphere, while light pink is more often compared to vintage style. You choose !

Where can I find pink for my kitchen?

On the home appliance side, many brands offer pink products. At Smeg we like it powdery, in reference to the retro shades of the 50s. KitchenAid, Moulinex and Brandt offer kitchen robots in the pastel and fuchsia ranges. As for kitchen designers, the Italian group Marchi has just launched its latest kitchen model called Saint Louis, whose rounded shapes and delicate hue surprise as much as they delight.


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