How I saved my wallet: industrial clocks

How I saved my wallet: industrial clocks

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The industrial style is a real star in our interiors as is the Scandinavian look. Become a benchmark in trendy decor, he invites himself in all the rooms of the house with his raw materials, his sober colors and his loft spirit look. This week, the editor 'has fallen for industrial style clocks' and offers you its selection at a low price. In raw wood or metal, or both, the industrial clock is the most that will make the difference in your interiors with a factory or workshop decor. Often expensive - they easily exceed 100 euros - so we challenged ourselves to find 7 for a budget below 70 euros. Living room, bedroom, entrance, dining room, fixed above the sofa placed on a sideboard or even installed on the floor, you have many possibilities to dare at home! With these tips in your pocket, all you have to do is find the one that suits you best ...
1. The STATION clock, € 34.99 at But / 2. The ANTIK wooden wall clock, € 44.90 at Delamaison / 3. The large Woody wooden clock, € 59.90 at Alinéa / 4. L Zivos metal clock, € 69.89 from La Redoute Interiors / 5. Factory clock, € 39.90 from Maisons du Monde / 6. Seattle clock, € 29.99 from Maisons du Monde / 7. L FORGE iron clock, € 39.99 at Fly


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