Ruggie, the awakening that forces you to get up

Ruggie, the awakening that forces you to get up

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Waking up, this daily ordeal. From the temptation to go back to sleep to the creation of several alarms at regular intervals, allergy sufferers who wake up know all the coaches to stay in bed as long as possible. But that was before the shattering arrival of Ruggie. This unique alarm clock will revolutionize your daily life. For good reason, to stop it you have to walk on it!

Ruggie: the unusual and innovative awakening

At first glance, Ruggie looks like a simple bedroom rug, one that is put at the foot of the bed near the slippers. And yet this little gem of technology is a trompe-l'oeil alarm clock with Led lighting. The principle is simple: once the alarm is triggered, the sleeper is forced to put his two feet on the ground on the carpet for at least 3 seconds. And this, to avoid any attempt to put just a toe to stop the sound before going to bed (which would trigger the snooze function of the carpet). In addition to being perceptive and with shape memory, Ruggie is designed to deliver customizable voice messages at will (thanks to the USB port).

The promise of an exceptional life

The first advantage of this alarm clock is of course not to make us endure the destabilizing - and often unpleasant - sound of the alarm. The idea is therefore to wake up gently each morning, and thereby in a good mood. For this, Ruggie is inspired by the sleeping habits of some famous historical figures, such as Barack Obama, Bill Gates or even Benjamin Franklin. Ruggie indeed wants us to follow the path of exceptional men who sleep little and do great things. Their sleep not exceeding on average no more than 6 hours per night, the goal is to have a successful awakening, for a successful life. Sporty, but effective!

The success of an ambitious project

This carpet connected to the design look was launched by a Canadian start-up on the participative site Kickstarter. Sold for 79 dollars, the first carpets should be delivered worldwide next September. A project that has already won more than 400,000 Canadian dollars on the collaborative platform, and which relies on the famous phrase "The future belongs to those who get up early."
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