Architect's advice: 4 square bathroom plans

Architect's advice: 4 square bathroom plans

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Nowadays, the bathroom has become a space devoted to well-being and a decorative part in its own right. No longer only considered a place of hygiene, it is a real bubble of comfort! The layout of a square bathroom offers great freedom of arrangement and style, especially in the context of a construction project, while in renovation, it will be necessary to deal with existing piping. In both cases, it is essential to define a plan adapted to the size of your bathroom, in particular to allow better optimization of the available space. Wondering how to arrange your square bathroom according to its size? Follow our architectural advice!
  1. How to arrange a square bathroom with an area of ​​less than 4m²?
  2. Our decoration tips for visually enlarging a small bathroom
  3. How to arrange a square bathroom with a surface greater than 5 m²?
  4. Our decoration tips for better optimization of space

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How to arrange a square bathroom with a surface less than 4 m²?

This 1.80 m x 1.80 m square bathroom (left plan) is intended for a studio or a bathroom adjoining a bedroom. The entrance is through a sliding door in order to fully exploit the space and not to lose a single inch, providing a real space-saving solution. A bath / shower combination takes up the entire length of the room. The basin is installed on a small piece of furniture, leaving enough space on its right side to allow easy cleaning of the glass shower screen, preferably, in order to let the light through and not to enclose the volume. This bathroom plan represents the ideal solution for very small spaces. Of course, as part of a renovation, it will be necessary to adapt it according to existing water inlets and outlets. Despite its small surface, this square bathroom with a surface of 2 mx 2 m (right plan) is arranged in a rational and aesthetic manner. A large walk-in shower is created over the entire width of the room. This avoids the loss of space due to the size of the door of a shower cubicle. It is equipped with a large overhead shower and separated from the washbasin by a glass tile wall which allows to keep all the brightness of the room. A shallow space-saving WC is hidden behind the front door. Finally, on the washing machine too shallow, a very innovative space-saving sink is installed, specially designed to nestle above this type of device. It is recommended, however, if you want to install storage like this on each side of the washing machine, to choose extra, in order to leave space for the appliance during spinning. This bathroom plan is ideal for small bathrooms with a washing machine. It allows excellent optimization of space while making no compromise on the comfort and style of the room.
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Our decoration tips for visually enlarging a small bathroom

Are you in a bathroom renovation project and already know that you will have to make some compromises in terms of layout? In this case, make the most of our decorating tips to visually enlarge a small room. Have you already planned to redo the paintings in your bathroom? Be aware that two simple tips can visually enlarge a small volume and lengthen a square room. Thus, a ceiling the same color as the walls, or a slightly lighter shade, will give the impression of being located higher. This is a simple way to avoid the impression of frequent confinement in such small spaces. Another tip is to repaint two opposite walls in a slightly darker color than the other two walls. This will visually stretch the room, which will then appear longer. As for accessories, bet everything on mirrors! Small, round, square, large, with storage or without ... Mirrors are the easiest way to visually enlarge a small area. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, place one right in front. Light is also a key factor in enlarging a small space: place spotlights around your mirror and don't forget to also light your shower space. For maximum brightness, decorate your bathroom in light colors and prefer plain coverings to those with patterns.
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How to arrange a square bathroom with a surface greater than 5 m²?

This 2.40m x 2.40m family bathroom offers a space-saving alternative to installing a classic bathtub: a comfortable corner bathtub, designed for small spaces. The optimization of the space it provides allows the installation of two vitamin-colored sinks and a large storage unit, as well as the installation of a WC in the volume. The room thus fitted out allows good movement of people. The space behind the door is occupied by the heated towel rail. As the room does not have a window, it will be necessary to install efficient mechanical ventilation which will ensure the proper renewal of the air and avoid humidity odors and mold. Thanks to this plan, your small bathroom will be able to benefit from all the equipment specific to large surfaces! This 2.50 mx 2.50 m square bathroom plan also brings together all the essential equipment and even allows you to include a laundry area. A toilet with a suspended bowl making cleaning much easier is located behind the door. A large cupboard conceals the narrow width washing machine and high storage shelves, and is extended by a small bench under the window for beauty treatments in full brightness. The basin is installed on a cabinet with storage for toiletries. Finally, this bathroom is fitted with a ¼ circle hydromassage shower cabin, closed by two glass doors. It is therefore entirely possible to arrange a bathroom of this size without compromising on well-being and functionality, thanks to perfect optimization of space and perfectly adapted bathroom furniture.
© West Wing Brasil / Fieldwork Architects

Our decoration tips for better optimization of space

Simple tips can save a lot of space in the bathroom. By optimizing the surface you have as much as possible, you may even be able to free up a space previously occupied by a storage unit in order to create a larger shower or even a bathtub! baths adapted to the size of your room. Forget immediately the double sink if you have a surface less than 4 m²! If you can, opt for hanging furniture which, by freeing up floor space, will create an impression of additional volume. It will also make your job easier when you vacuum or mop it. Finally, take advantage of all the available spaces: behind the door, mirror with integrated storage, walls and side of a washbasin cabinet. Our decoration advice? Replace the traditional coat hooks with a splashback bar usually found in the kitchen. In addition to hanging your towels you can attach small hooks, often sold with, which will allow you to pin small storage baskets or different beauty accessories. Do you already know how you are going to furnish your bathroom? If so, do not hesitate to share with us your decor ideas and desires!