The same for less: a Scandinavian string

The same for less: a Scandinavian string

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If Nordic design were only to be described in a few pieces of furniture, the Scandinavian row would undoubtedly be at the top of the list. Mainly made of wood, the latter experienced its first hours of glory 50 years ago before returning to the front of the stage with the vintage trend. Today, she has charmed more than one interior… True reinterpretations of the Scandinavian sideboard of the 50s and 60s, today's models always meet the functional needs demanded by our lifestyles. These low wooden sideboards, composed of three drawers and two cupboard doors, are delicately mounted on compass feet for a very retro result. Difficult not to be charmed by their authentic allure as well as their most practical aspect. They are ideal for storing everyday objects in a dresser in the dining room or in a TV stand in the living room. If you too succumb to their clean and vintage lines as well as their 100% Scandinavian style, all you have to do is fall for one of the two models - for large and small purses - that we have selected for you.

The Scandinavian Naver buffet at Le Studio des Collectors at € 2,972 / The vintage Trocadéro buffet at Maisons du Monde at € 602.40