Jumping and its shades of gray

Jumping and its shades of gray

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For more than a century, Sauter has competed in ingenuity to satisfy a growing clientele. Today, it launches, for the most picky, a range that combines performance and design. Understanding the importance of ever more careful decoration, the brand is thinking of a coordinated collection to complete the chic and elegant look of the kitchens of the moment. With Victoria Gray, the hood, the induction hob and the oven are adorned with the same matt gray color for a room in harmony. No doubt she will be the star this year.

The best of the brand

For this collection, Sauter has assembled its most efficient appliance. A high-end selection including a new generation hood, an intelligent oven and a modular induction table. With its revolutionary system, the latter called "horiZone" makes it possible to detect, recognize and memorize each container. We move everything at will without having to change the settings. The oven, with its famous "Easy Cook" program, offers automatic cooking modes depending on the type of preparation. It is also equipped with a grill, a rotisserie or an anti-scalding safety. Finally, the hood easily regulates odors upon detection of fumes or vapors. Its simple and practical installation and cleaning make it one of the most successful elements. When technology puts itself at the service of comfort, cooking becomes child's play!

A stylish and trendy line

All guaranteed "French Origin" since 2011, Sauter products have always aroused our senses. Taste is now associated with sight thanks to this Victoria Gray range. Available in an ultra-trendy gray, it goes well with all kinds of cuisine, pop, modern or very sophisticated. This sober color is indeed a judicious choice to fill as much the expectations of a decoration while discretion as to come to moderate the most eccentric desires. A winning trio in short!
Sauter, hood SHD1318V, 600 € Sauter, HorizonZone induction, STI998VG, 950 € Sauter, multi-cooking oven, SFP945V, 1060 € All information on


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