Cleaning the windows of a wood stove

Cleaning the windows of a wood stove

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At a time when wood stoves are becoming an increasingly advantageous solution for heating, their maintenance becomes a real concern. There are several options for cleaning dirty windows on a wood stove. One fairly standard uses special products for cleaning inserts. These are effective products (especially if you are working on a window that is still lukewarm) but rather aggressive for people and the environment. A spray product to strip the ovens can also help you out. The other more ecological solution is to use wet newspaper (a damp sponge can also be suitable), put it on the ash to collect a little and rub the glass vigorously. It generally works quite well and is an economical and ecological solution for stripping the glass of a wood stove. Remember that a window will be easier to clean the more often it is cleaned. If you have other solutions, don't hesitate to share them in the comments of this article.


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