Designimaux by Ingela Arrhenius

Designimaux by Ingela Arrhenius

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Designimaux is an album - all made of cardboard - ideal for teaching design to toddlers. Written by the Swedish illustrator Ingela Arrhenius, it reveals page after page of iconic pieces of the 20th century through simple and varied animations. Presentation of this fun and graphic work, which is likely to please children as well as adults.

Ingela Arrhenius, queen of retro illustrations

Star illustrator in Sweden and the Nordic countries, Ingela Arrhenius creates sublime colorful and retro illustrations. At 44, she works for advertising and regularly collaborates with fabric and contemporary design publishers. She also creates games, posters, cards and small items for young and old. With Designimaux, edited by Marcel & Joachim, she signs her first book for a French publisher.

Affordable design for the youngest

Designimaux is an album full of surprises and which allows the youngest to discover seven icons of twentieth century design - as well as their creators - in the company of the animals of Ingela Arrhenius. From the first painting, we enter the world of Arne Jacobsen thanks to the egg of Mama Poule which hides the famous Egg Chair. In the following pages, it is, among others, the Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen, the Hang-It-All coat rack by Charles and Ray Eames or the Pipistrello Lamp by Gae Aulenti which are presented in a fun way.

Paper games for staging

Thanks to different paper games, the eyes as well as the touch of children are solicited. A cut page, a spinning wheel, embossed paper, a swelling varnish that creates relief, a perforated page, enhance the story and arouse the curiosity of small readers. As for the hens, owls or elephants of Ingela Arrhenius, we discover them at home, in everyday situations. A great way to open the door of design to the youngest.

Designimaux Illustrated by Ingela Arrhenius Organized by Atelier Saje Edited by Marcel & Joachim From 3 years Price: 14.90 euros


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