Gifi x Marmiton, a range of cooking utensils

Gifi x Marmiton, a range of cooking utensils

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Combining the low prices of Gifi and the notoriety of Marmiton, the famous culinary platform, one could not hope for better as an association to find culinary accessories of professional quality at affordable prices. It is the moment for the small budgets or the amateurs of kitchen to fill up with utensils to put themselves in the kitchen. Presentation of the collection born from this collaboration.

We put the small dishes in the big with Marmiton at Gifi

Gifi is a concept that defies gloom. Offering a wide choice of decorative items for the home, maintenance, kitchen or even accessories, the brand is renowned for the low prices it offers to customers on all the products in the store. Listening to its consumers, Gifi has therefore joined forces with Marmiton to launch a range of professional cooking and culinary accessories that are likely to delight more than one.

Accessories to cook like a chef!

The Marmiton range at Gifi offers a fine selection of silicone molds, stainless steel pots (with a cold handle so as not to burn yourself) that adapt to all types of fire, as well as the most practical stainless steel knives. Something to satisfy epicureans! Experts or not, everyone can find something to accessorize their kitchen like those of professionals! All to the stove!
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