Choosing a wok: the right questions

Choosing a wok: the right questions

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The wok, a sort of very large conical pan with high edges, allows you to instantly cook your meats and vegetables. The most classic, round base, are suitable for gas stoves while flat base woks are more suitable for electric hobs. In addition to these two pieces of information, there are a number of questions to ask yourself before embarking on the purchase of a wok. The editor gives you some advice.

Question n ° 1: a wok for which cooking?

Good news for food lovers, the wok is suitable for all cooking styles! - For a "stir-fry" cooking, it is enough to regularly shake the wok and your vegetables will be cooked quickly while preserving their vitamins - For a "steam" cooking, you just need to add a grid - For a "frying" cooking, the wok becomes the ideal ally since its edges prevent oil splashing - For "stifled" cooking, remember to choose a model with a lid

Question n ° 2: which wok size to choose?

The size of the wok of course varies depending on the number of servings you want to prepare. If you choose a too small model, your food will be unevenly distributed, and the cooking will be less homogeneous. The editorial staff therefore advises you to opt for a large model (30 to 35 cm in diameter), provided you have room to store it!

Question n ° 3: which material to choose?

Before choosing your wok, know that there are 5 types of material: - Steel woks are the lightest and therefore the easiest to handle - Cast iron woks, heavier, allow them to better diffuse and retain heat - Ceramic woks have high resistance to abrasion - Aluminum woks are more conductive of heat - Stainless steel woks are more robust and hygienic

Question n ° 4: a manual wok or an electric wok?

Manual or electric, that is the question! If the editorial staff prefers the manual version, which is more practical and efficient, the electric model can nevertheless satisfy fans of Chinese fondues at the table. If that does not help you decide, know that the electric wok takes up more space when storing it!

Question n ° 5: what accessories to accompany my wok?

Finally, after choosing your wok, don't forget the accessories! The racks allow you to keep your food out of water or oil to steam or drain it. Also think of bamboo baskets to steam your food. Finally, don't forget to equip yourself with good knives, spatulas and a lid!