Unidentified Decorative Object # 15

Unidentified Decorative Object # 15

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To breathe a little autumn air into your decor, we have thought of these pretty maple leaves with a soft orange color. Placed on the table, glued to the wall, you do not really know what to do with it? This is normal, it is a new Unidentified Decorative Object disgusted by the editorial staff! Presentation. Let fall and its beautiful colors enter your interior with these tree leaves signed PA Design. If at first glance, we imagine that these are decorative stickers, think again! Assembled in blocks of 20 sheets, these are in fact very original post-it notes! A great way to hang messages or take notes poetically. All you have to do is say goodbye to the ugly pale yellow models that really bring no charm to your wall or your office!
These post-it notes are also available in ivy leaves, oak leaves or yellow maple leaves.
Stickyleaf Maple 3.80 euros More info on //


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