Unidentified Decorative Item # 16

Unidentified Decorative Item # 16

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Give a decoration atmosphere to your decoration, what a funny idea! Unless you want to bring a real touch of originality to its interior. With these orange and black cones it is especially your kitchen that will see all the colors! Ready to find out why? We will not lie, traffic cones have more place on the roadside to announce work than in our decor. Unless we offer them to take on a very specific role. This is what designer Doron Andre Hadar, director of the Labyrinth-BCN Design Studio, decided to do, imagining them as a funny salt and pepper shaker! Convenient to delimit the field of dinner at the table or simply to give a boost to the kitchen!
Visually very accessible, these traffic cones will also inspire the little ones to get their hands dirty when it comes to preparing meals. Playful, original, aesthetic, the editor is a fan of the idea! And you ?
Salt and pepper shakers 15 euros More info on //


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