Why should you invest in a rice cooker?

Why should you invest in a rice cooker?

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The rice cooker, more commonly known as rice cooker, is an electrical device allowing automatic and perfectly homogeneous cooking of rice. If some people imagine that this is a new culinary gadget, it is not. All its users confirm it after a first try: it revolutionizes the art of preparing rice without having to monitor it, with the key being a perfectly cooked dish, executed quickly and precisely. Explanations.

What are the advantages of a rice cooker?

Asians have long adopted the rice cooker for meal preparation: thanks to its measuring cup and its ingenious concept, it requires only a small amount of water to cook rice to perfection, without it is not too dry or on the contrary too sticky. In addition to cooking conventional rice, the appliance adapts to any type of starchy food (sushi rice, semolina, wheat, wholemeal rice, lentils, bulgur, etc.), which allows almost daily use but also rapid profitability. purchase. Depending on the appliance chosen, different options are available for full use: automatic shutdown at the end of cooking, steam basket, preparation of cake dough, etc. Pluses that will delight cooks who love good dishes!

How to choose the right device?

There are a multitude of rice cookers on the market, from simple mechanical pressure cookers to Fuzzy Logic, the Rolls of devices in this area. On the price side, they oscillate between 20 and 100 €, and can climb up to 500 € for the most advanced models. Before your first purchase, remember to assess your different needs: frequency of use, size and capacity of the device, options, and ease of maintenance will be decisive when choosing.
Az cooking rice recipe ideas for using your rice cooker


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