Asian plants in my garden

Asian plants in my garden

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Want to travel and get away from it all? Why not put some Asian accents in your garden? Today, we are going to be interested in the many Asian plants which find their place in our beautiful French regions and which have more and more followers. How to choose and maintain Asian plants? To find out, we went to Truffaut where Pierre, loyal to the job, answered our questions.

Is it possible to have a garden with Asian tendencies?

Of course ! It is even very fashionable. More and more of you want to create an Asian garden at home. It exudes purity and serenity while bringing an exotic touch to your outdoor spaces.

What are the basics of an Asian garden?

An Asian garden is refined. The plants are combined with sober furniture, generally black, with statuettes and white gravel. There are few flowers in Asian gardens but in France we tend to add them.

Which Asian plants do you recommend?

The essential plant is bamboo. There are many varieties, all of them will bring an Asian touch to your garden. If you want trees, I recommend the pines but also the maple and the ginkgo biloba which offer very colorful foliage. If you want a fruit tree, the cherry tree is essential and more particularly the prunus also known as the Japanese cherry tree. As for outdoor plants, hostas, ferns and hakonechloa are very decorative.

What if we want flowering plants?

Rest assured, there are many varieties of flowering plants that will find their place in your Asian garden. You can opt for azaleas, camellias, wisteria, wild roses, hibiscus and peonies. All these varieties are available in various colors, also whether you like bright colors or white flowers, you will find flowers in your image.

Can we put bonsai trees in our Asian garden?

Yes, provided you maintain them well. Indeed, some bonsai trees cannot spend the year outside. You will therefore have to adapt to them and provide a greenhouse or take them home in winter. There are many bonsai trees, choose the variety according to the time you want to give your plants. Know that there are outdoor bonsai trees to prefer in an Asian garden. This is the case with cedar, elm, sequoia, pepper and even citrus.

Do you have any tips for perfecting the decor of our Asian garden?

In an Asian garden, you should plan white gravel beaches for relaxation, or a pond. Instead of the aisles, place slates or flat stones which will draw the path to take. Do not hesitate to let the foam invade your exterior, it is typically Asian! Finally, bring decorative elements such as statuettes or pretty wooden huts for birds. Our garden and gardening videos