Tutorial: customize a bowl with trapilho

Tutorial: customize a bowl with trapilho

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Since we discovered trapilho, more than a week has passed without us embarking on a new creation! Today we are going to learn how to customize a bowl with trapilho.


- a bowl - a suede lace - a ball of trapilho - a news item: 739825 hook - a drill with a forest adapted to the material of the bowl (ideally a mini tool like Dremel) Budget: around 20 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To begin, make a chain with a length equal to the perimeter of the bowl.
2. Assemble the two ends of the chain by making a slip stitch.
3. Make a row by alternating single flanges and chain stitches.
4. Finish the row by connecting the two ends with a slip stitch. Tie a knot and hide the thread.
5. With the drill, drill holes 0.5 cm from the edge all along the bowl, spacing them the same length as the mesh spacing.
6. Position the assembly on the bowl, then pass the suede lace through the holes through the stitches to connect the assembly to the bowl.
7. Finally, tie a knot and hide it inside.


Your bowl is now unique! You are new to 739825 crochet and don't know how to make your chain? Do not panic, everything is explained at the start of this video tutorial! So rather easy, right?

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