Espace Loggia x Ligne Roset: new generation of bed on mobile tray

Espace Loggia x Ligne Roset: new generation of bed on mobile tray

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The French manufacturer specializing in space saving solutions Espace Loggia is developing for Ligne Roset a new generation of bed on mobile table. Hop & Up, imagined by the architect Sandra Planchez, has several functions and is presented as several pieces of furniture in one. Explanations.

An aesthetic and practical bed!

Hop & Up is above all a multifunctional piece of furniture that will make life easier in small spaces without leaving out the aesthetic aspect. Never frozen, it changes as we see fit with the rhythm of our activities. It is above all a bed, which can be easily raised during the day, but is also composed of a mirror, several storage niches, a retractable desk, different lighting and integrated connectors. Its designer, Sandra Planchez, projects it as "the cramped studio of a student who does not want to sacrifice living space and discussions between friends, in the office, which has become an extra bedroom in a family home". In addition to its practicality, it is its simple and timeless design that appeals to us. Imagined in blond wood, a few colorful niches give it a touch of pep and make it a contemporary and trendy piece of furniture.

Two skills put together

Entirely Made in France, Hop & Up is a piece of furniture produced and distributed by Ligne Roset and designed by Espace Loggia. Thanks to the techniques and know-how of the brand specializing in space-saving furniture, this mobile bed is made from local materials in its Herbiers factory in Vendée. Unveiled at the now! design to live in January 2015, it will be available in spring in Ligne Roset stores.


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