How to protect and paint outdoor irons?

How to protect and paint outdoor irons?

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Outdoor irons often suffer from a serious problem which is that of oxidation. Indeed, outdoor irons rust easily and quickly when subjected to climatic hazards such as wind, rain ... Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to protect and paint outdoor irons. Find more articles on the theme: Painting work quotes

Protect and paint outdoor irons: the material

It is not necessary to call in a specialist. You can do the work yourself. To start, we need the following items: -Gloves for hand protection, -A wire brush or a rotating brush, -A roller and a mini-roller, -Green paper, -A sander or a grinder -A sanding block, -Brushes and brushes.

Rust removal from outdoor irons

Iron is a metal very susceptible to rust, which is formed by the humidity of the air. When the iron is attacked by rust, it loses its solidity and begins to deteriorate. It is therefore important to act quickly. So the first thing to do is derusting. There are two methods for rusting out your irons. Mechanical derusting and chemical derusting. Mechanical rust removal is done by brushing or sanding in order to remove the oxidation. You can use a wire brush provided you rub with great force. You can also use a rotating brush that is fixed on a drill. Instead of a drill, you can use a grinder. The emery cloth type abrasive is the tool that facilitates the treatment of rounded surfaces and small elements. Chemical rust removal is done on irons that are very rusty. We use a rust remover that we apply with a brush to the affected parts. The use of a rust transformer is also possible. This product, which is done using a brush, blocks the oxidation process and makes the existing rust a black protective layer for the iron. After application, leave to dry and apply another coat to be sure of the result. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid any incident.

Protecting and painting outdoor irons: the steps

Painting is a very effective way to protect outdoor irons. You can use an anti-rust paint or a specific paint according to the choice of each. Here is how to do it: -Apply an initial coat of anti-rust paint, -Provide a second coat for the work to be effective, -If you want better protection, you can put a third coat on the parts that are more exposed to the rust (angles and fittings), -People living by the sea must apply a third coat. The paint used must not be diluted. After each coat, wait approximately 24 hours before applying another coat.


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