How I saved my wallet: the storage boxes

How I saved my wallet: the storage boxes

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Small or large, sober or colorful, in metal or wood, storage boxes are real decorative allies in our interiors. In addition to being ultra practical to drag anything lying around the house, they sublimate in the blink of an eye a bookcase, a sideboard or a console a little too wise. Want to crack? Discover our decorative selection at low prices. Whether you install it in the living room to store small trash, in your office to organize your papers, in the bedroom to put your scarves, in the bathroom to slip your beauty products, your storage box should be today to be decorative! Gone are the days when only practicality prevailed! Today, we have fun with shapes, materials, colors, patterns so that the result does not denote with the rest of our decor. The main advantage of these always useful boxes is that they can bring a real advantage to the decor simply placed. To give a playful note to a white piece of furniture for example or to offer a little warmth to a room deemed cold by its inhabitants. Finally do not be afraid to multiply them, you will always find something to store there! To help you choose a decorative box and in tune with the times, the editorial gives you a little boost by offering you its 7 finds at low prices.
1. The box with cover KVITTRA, € 5.99 at Ikea / 2. The wooden box with cover, € 7.99 at H&M Home / 3. The Pantone Seletti box, € 18 at Made in design / 4. The box jewelry box in UPPSALA fabric, € 19.99 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The set of 3 metal boxes Aztec Present Time, € 24.90 at Delamaison / 6. The set of 2 wooden boxes Bloomingville, € 19.90 at Twicy / 7. The Mr & Mrs Clynk storage box, € 15.90 at Decoclico

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