What are the essential utensils for oriental cuisine?

What are the essential utensils for oriental cuisine?

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To travel without leaving your home, nothing like cooking and its flavors from elsewhere. Today, head to the Maghreb and its oriental cuisine with Mediterranean and Arab inspirations. Couscous, tagines, mint tea, pastries, to make all these delicacies you must of course be equipped! The editorial staff gives you their list of essential utensils for cooking good oriental dishes.

Utensil n ° 1: the tagine

Traditionally designed in terracotta, the tagine exists in many sizes in raw or glazed version. This cooking method, widely used in the Maghreb to prepare the dish of the same name, allows an excellent distribution of heat thanks to the steam which condenses into fine droplets in the cone then falls on the dishes. We also discover today in enamelled cast iron, which gives you the possibility of making it compatible with all heat sources, including induction.

Utensil n ° 2: couscoussier

Today made of steel or aluminum, couscoussier allows perfect steaming of couscous. The bottom of the pot usually contains water, vegetables and meat. As for the upper part, also called couscoussière, it lets the steam through thanks to its lower part pierced with holes like a colander. You can obviously cook your semolina there.

Utensil n ° 3: the sieve

If you decide to get started in oriental cuisine, know that you will necessarily need the help of sieve with holes of different sizes depending on your use. For your pastries, a model with small holes will allow you to sift your flour in order to make it smooth and avoid lumps. Models with larger holes will allow you to sift your couscous grains for perfect semolina.

Utensil n ° 4: the teapot

Mint tea is a must in the Maghreb. To make it, you need to infuse green tea leaves and spearmint, then add a lot of sugar. A teapot is therefore essential to make this traditional specialty.

Utensil n ° 5: cookie cutters

In the shape of a crescent, a leaf, a diamond, you have probably already noticed, oriental pastries have a lot of fun with shapes. You will therefore need cookie cutters of all kinds to make your different recipes.


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