Privacy screen: how to install it?

Privacy screen: how to install it?

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For more privacy or simply to embellish your fence, the installation of a privacy screen is ideal. However, its fixation can become a real ordeal! Here are some tips to guide you in mounting this type of device. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation of exterior landscaping works

Identify the privacy screen and the support grid

The method of installing a privacy screen will largely depend on two parameters: the shape of the product and the characteristics of the mesh intended to receive it. Some screens will have to be attached more securely than others, because of their weight which can be more important, or on the contrary of their lightness. Thus a cane of reed, or bamboo for example, will have to be provided with very regular fasteners to avoid their deformation or a possible fall. As for the chosen fence, the work will be made easier the more its mesh will be tight (if there is a mesh!). As such, it is a matter of being able to benefit from the maximum number of attachment points.

Attaching the privacy screen: several methods

A screen can be attached in different ways. One of the most widespread, useful for conventional supports, is that which staples to the fence using a stapler specially intended for wire fencing. This method allows a discreet and efficient installation, the attachment points being very numerous. In addition to this technique, there are special "clips", which are in the form of plastic ties to be placed at the base, in the middle and at the top of the screen, on three horizontal lines. Finally, certain devices such as brandes or canisses, will benefit more from an installation by wire helped by tensioners, always with the aim of preventing deformations and degradations of the work.

The key to success: unrolling, attaching the screen

Once these parameters have been taken into account and the choice of type of attachment has been made, all that remains is to get started! The installation must be meticulous, conscientious and delicate. It will be facilitated by the absence of wind on D-day. After fixing the screen at one end of the fence, it will be a question of unrolling it, taking care to attach it at regular intervals (variable according to the strength of the wind observed in the area) as it is deployed. Once this work is done, the hardest part is done! It only remains to observe the solidity of the whole, by not hesitating to add fixing points on the parts which seem to you more fragile or more exposed to the winds. This verification effort is essential, if you don't want to see your work soar at the first gusts of autumn. All you have to do is make the most of your garden and this new space of privacy!