Tutorial: knitting woolen boot cuffs

Tutorial: knitting woolen boot cuffs

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Faced with the extreme cold, all blows are allowed! From the triple layer of clothing to ski socks with sneakers, everything is good as long as it stays warm. Today we are going to learn how to knit boot cuffs using a knitting machine.


- a round knitting - a crochet - a ball of yarn Budget: around 20 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, pass the wire around each nail one after the other through the inside of the circle.
2. Slide the first row to the bottom of the knit, then repeat the previous operation around the nails.
3. With the hook, catch the wire of the first row, then pass the loop over each nail, always passing through the inside of the circle.
4. Slide the second row down. Continue, always repeating the same operations.
5. The cuff begins to form through the center of the knit.
6. Finally, remove the loops of the last row one by one by making a chain.


Lo and behold, you have no excuse for being cold in the calves this winter! You can also use the same technique with a larger knitting to make a matching choker!
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