Rolling pins are tapestry

Rolling pins are tapestry

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Notice to all pastry lovers! The editorial team has unearthed a new accessory that may not leave you in the kitchen: the engraved rolling pin. It is on the site of the Polish designer Valek Rolling Pins that we discovered these customized wooden models, and as much to tell you that we dream of buying them all. Presentation.

Gourmet and aesthetic cookies

If you love homemade shortbread cookies, you have to recognize that they sometimes lack originality. The cookie cutters have enabled us in recent years to offer them less traditional forms: stars, fir trees, reindeer ... but the top of the cookie still lacks a personalized touch. You will be able to remedy this by adopting one of the many engraved rolling pins offered by the designer of Valek Rolling Pins. Small cars, flowers, hearts, cats, fir trees ... we are sure that you will find your happiness among the 6 headings presented: animals, flowers, children, Christmas, Halloween or Valentine's Day.

A 100% personalized model

Good news for those who would like a custom roll model, it's possible! Whatever your name or the text you want to engrave, you just need to attach your details to the designer. You can even add small symbols to it to make your roll truly unique. Nice, right?

What about maintenance?

Made of 100% local solid beech in Poland, these oil-protected rollers require special maintenance. First advice to prevent your roller from being damaged quickly, avoid prolonged contact with water. The dishwasher is therefore strongly discouraged! Clean it dry with a brush, then if necessary, with soap and water. Finally, dry it perfectly before putting it away!
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