Pauline Deltour and Eugeni Quitllet sign 2 capsule collections for Lexon

Pauline Deltour and Eugeni Quitllet sign 2 capsule collections for Lexon

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For more than 24 years, Lexon, publisher of electronic objects and design accessories, has established itself thanks to an explosive cocktail, combining innovation, design and quality. After the success of the two capsule collections signed Mathieu Lehanneur and Ionna Vautrin, last year; in 2015, designers Pauline Deltour and Eugeni Quitllet imagined two new collections, design to perfection. Presentation.

Lexon, at the service of a functional and innovative design

True model of hexagonal success, Lexon publishes timeless bestsellers, electronic objects and office accessories, as functional and design as innovative. In 2014, Lexon trusted Ionna Vautrin and Mathieu Lehanneur to create two capsule collections. This year, the French brand has given carte blanche to Pauline Deltour and Eugeni Quitllet, to give life to two new capsule collections, soberly entitled "Fine" and "Dream Tools".

"Fine" and "Dream Tools", two new capsule collections

The designer Pauline Deltour signs "Fine", a nomadic and feminine collection, intended for the Parisian 3.0. On the program, 5 creations: Power Bank, a travel battery to charge your smartphone, a key ring with a minimalist design, and its matching USB key, a card holder, and a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. The whole, available in elegant metallic colors, ranging from aluminum to soft gold, passing through burgundy. In short, the "Fine" range is a contemporary necessity, which combines refinement and minimum bulk.
The Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet, meanwhile, imagined "Dream Tools", a collection of office accessories, designed as suspended in space. In addition to a pen, and a matching pen holder, a desk organizer for storing smartphones, business cards and pencils, and a dispenser of adhesive tape, all available in pretty colors that play the card of transparency; this range also includes a futuristic-looking alarm clock.
Already available, you can find the "Fine" and "Dream Tools" capsule collections at the Center Pompidou boutique - Place Georges Pompidou, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris - or on the Lexon website: www.lexon-


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