Which plants to choose to compose my bed?

Which plants to choose to compose my bed?

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Having a bed in your garden is a bit like having a painting in your interior. It is ideal for personalizing your exterior. You can choose its shape, the color of the flowers, the style of the plants and even their height. To find out which plants to choose, we took the path to the Truffaut garden center where Pierre was waiting to answer our questions.

Can we put a bed all over the garden?

Of course ! A massif must be a personal achievement. Place it where you want and give it the shape of your choice. Be aware though that if you opt for a semi-shaded location, you will have more possibilities in terms of the choice of plants.

Are there several types of beds?

Yes, you can have a permanent bed. The latter is made up of easy-care but sparingly flowering plants such as evergreen and / or colored plants and perennial plants. You can also decide to create a seasonal massif that you will renew with the seasons and the flowering of your plants. This option is very popular with gardening enthusiasts but also those who like to renew the plants that make up their exterior.

Which plants should you prefer if you want an easy-to-maintain plant?

If you want evergreen plants, choose boxwood, honeysuckle, bamboo or charcoal which will have the advantage of displaying a range of colors. If you want flowers, opt for carnation and geranium. Verbena, orange tree and lavender will awaken your senses and make your garden a space of real well-being.

How to organize your massif?

It depends on what you want to do with it. Generally, the tallest plants should be planted in the center of the massif. These plants are most often evergreen plants that make up the base of the massif. Around you can place your seasonal flowers which you can replace as you wish. It is recommended not to align the plantations but to stagger them so that they can flourish. Make sure you can access each part of the bed in order to take care of each plant if necessary.

How to maintain your massif?

Plants must be grouped according to their needs. This will make it much easier to maintain your bedding. Each plant is different, as the bed consists of several plants, you have to maintain the plants individually.

Is it possible to decorate a massif?

Yes it's possible ! You can integrate a statuette, a basin, a bench, etc. You can make an Asian decoration there or so British !


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