Recipe: the guacamole burger with the Cuisinart Griddler Pro

Recipe: the guacamole burger with the Cuisinart Griddler Pro

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You may be like me looking for the perfect burger. In this quest for the best dish, there is the homemade option, more qualitative especially compared to industrial products. I did several tests but I had never yet managed a burger at the height of a real good restaurant. One of my last tests, however, made the comparison thanks to the clever combination of a recipe and a meat grill.

Cuisinart's Griddler Pro

More popular in the United States than in France (perhaps because of George Foreman), the electric meat griddle is a cooking appliance made up of two plates which "enclose" the food to grill it simultaneously on both sides. In France this device is most often used by sellers of paninis but for a private individual it can do many other services. Its strong point is grilling: we master rapid and perfect cooking, especially for meat. It can also be used as a plancha since the top plate can be turned over (opening at 180 ° C): two separate cooking plates are then obtained. The other particularity of the electric meat griddle is to cook without adding fat. A fat-collecting tray lets you find out what you missed.
The Cuisinart Griddler Pro is as impressive as it is efficient. Each plate has its own thermostat, with cooking temperatures ranging from 90 to 250 ° C (and even 270 ° C with the booster function). On the side of the device, a slider gives you the possibility to adjust the hinges: very practical for large pieces like steaks or to heat like a salamander. The plates can be easily detached using a button. As a result, maintenance is quite simple.

The ingredients of the guacamole burger for 4 people

For buns (8 burger buns): 500 g of wheat flour, 50 g of whole milk powder, 40 g of sugar, 25 cl of lukewarm water, 90 g of soft butter, 7 g of salt, 1 sachet baker's yeast briochin, 1 egg and 1 egg white, sesame and poppy seeds (optional), sunflower oil. For the guacamole burger: 5 onions, 40 g of butter, 1 avocado, 1 guacamole preparation, 2 teaspoons of sugar, ketchup, spicy mango sauce (optional), 4 steaks, 4 slices of smoked breast, 100 grams of farmer's cheddar and iceberg lettuce. For the fries: 5 french fries, olive oil, thyme, grated parmesan.

The guacamole burger recipe

Much of the success of a burger is in cooking onions. For this, they must be stewed and not toast for a few minutes in a hurry. Take the time to make your onion confit in advance. Peel and finely chop 5 onions. Melt 40 grams of butter in a pan then add the chopped onions, salt, pepper and two teaspoons of sugar. Cook gently for 20 to 30 minutes, monitoring constantly. If the onions start to burn you can possibly add a little water. I advise you to keep them in the fridge and then put them on a low heat on the pan to warm them before serving.
The making of buns (hamburger bun) is not complicated in itself, but here too, you need a little patience because the dough's growth time is quite long (around two hours). If you have the courage and the patience to make it at home, don't miss out on this pleasure! For a faster solution, remember to order directly from your baker. The recipe I used is that of La Raffinerie Culinaire, a real success when I usually miss everything related to baking.
For the guacamole, I fell in love and fell back on a ready-made preparation in which you only have to add one avocado (but what would a guacamole be without avocado?). Reserve by placing a transparent film on your bowl and place in the refrigerator. For the accompaniment, I naturally thought of fries but a little improved by adding thyme and parmesan. I made them with Seb's Actifry but the recipe is also possible in the oven. Peel the desired number of potatoes and cut them into fries. For the Actifry, I cook them for 30 minutes with a spoon of olive oil and fresh crumbled thyme. After 20 minutes of cooking, I added a teaspoon of grated parmesan.
Finally prepare in advance all the condiments and sauces that will enhance your burger. For my part, I opted for a mixture of hot mango sauce and ketchup. I also reserved a salad leaf to add a touch of freshness. When all the elements are available and at hand, it's time to move on to the baking phase of the burger. I'm preheating the Griddler Pro. As long as the appliance has not reached the desired temperature, the control buttons will flash. I start with the smoked breast slice which I place on the bottom plate. I then close the device so that the slice is cooked on both sides. After three minutes you get a well grilled, slightly crispy slice. Exactly what you need for a burger. From the first cooking, we realize the high quality of the Griddler: we avoid all splashes of grease and oil since the device "traps" the food. We put aside the smoked breast and we start cooking the beef. This time Cuisinart proposes to activate the booster button (button allowing to reach the temperature of 270 ° C for two minutes to mark the meat). After four minutes of cooking, the beef is fully cooked.
We can then switch to the salamander function to melt the cheddar on the meat. Thanks to a latch on the side of the grill, you can raise the top plate so it transmits heat to the cheese without touching it.
Once the cheese is melted, it only remains to assemble the guacamole burger.
Enjoy your meal !

The verdict

Who is the Cuisinart Griddler for? To all meat lovers first, for the controlled cooking side. We can also easily imagine this kind of device for an outdoor kitchen: grilled fish and plancha of vegetables throughout the summer! In any case, it is better to have a large kitchen or a large cupboard because the Griddler Pro by Cuisinart is rather imposing. Even if its main function is grilling, we appreciate the various possible cooking methods such as plancha or salamander cooking (radiation from above). The fat collecting tray works well on pieces such as duck breast or sausage. Finally the housewife who sleeps in each of us is satisfied because the projections of fat are only a bad memory. Cuisinart, Griddler Pro GR50E meat grill, from € 223 Prepare your summer by selecting your new plancha with our price comparison!


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