Unusual: art lovers estimate an Ikea painting at 2.5 million euros!

Unusual: art lovers estimate an Ikea painting at 2.5 million euros!

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Boris Lange, Dutch presenter, decided to trap visitors to a museum of modern art by exhibiting an Ikea painting sold for € 10 in stores. The canvas, from Ikea's "Street Art" collection, is therefore placed in the middle of large paintings of inestimable value. The presenter then questions visitors to the museum to see if they make the difference between a € 10 painting and a masterpiece. He presented the painting to them as the work of a very well-known Swedish artist named "Ike Andrew".
The reaction of these art lovers is quite surprising. Not only do they analyze the canvas very precisely by imagining its meaning or the emotions that the painter wanted to convey, but in addition they estimate its value at several hundred thousand euros. One of them even assumed its price at 2.5 million euros!
Finally, the presenter admits that this painting is sold at Ikea for the modest sum of € 10. Many laugh, some find it hard to believe, and others ... don't even prefer to talk about it! This unusual experience was filmed with a hidden camera, for our greatest pleasure! Unfortunately it is only available in English, but the reactions are worth the detour!


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