How to hide exposed pipes?

How to hide exposed pipes?

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Tired of those awful pipes that disfigure the walls of your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Several methods can be envisaged to hide these unsightly elements which are essential for the proper functioning of a house. Discover our tips for taking advantage of exposed pipes in your interior.

Create a custom formwork

To ideally hide the drainage columns and the visible water pipes in a bathroom or toilet, a simple solution to implement is to make a custom formwork. From plywood to plasterboard, through wood or waterproof plasterboard, various materials can be used to make it. The most classic solution will be to form a piping formwork with strips of panels (of wood, plaster tile, plywood, etc.) fixed to the walls together with battens. Once made, remember to paint your formwork, to tile it to your taste or choose a decorative coating so that it blends into the decor.

Use chutes and ledges

Another way to hide pipes is to use plastic pipe cover troughs. Aesthetic, easy to maintain, solid and quick to install, you can install them horizontally as well as vertically with angle returns. Removable, they will also allow you easy access to the piping. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. For high pipes such as air conditioning pipes, you may prefer to use PVC cornices. These will be clipped to the edges of the pipe supports. Decorative, they will have the major advantage of being easily disassembled to keep an opening on the conduits.

Find decorative tips

Your budget is tight and you can't afford to devote part of it to installing a false ceiling or a formwork to hide your pipes? Cleverly integrate them into your interior by simply repainting the walls of your room, the contours of windows or doors as well as exposed pipes. In tone on tone, they will already be much less visible. You can also use artificial flowers that you will climb around your pipe. Guaranteed decorative effect. Otherwise, if you want to hide the radiator pipe located under a window, the best solution will be to use double curtains.

Leave the raw pipes visible

Pipes are not always a drawback and do not necessarily need to be hidden. If they are located high up and they do not bother you to install your furniture, do not hesitate to leave them visible. They will thus act as beams and give a small industrial side to your room.