Creative tutorial: create a pretty fabric storage envelope with Call me spring

Creative tutorial: create a pretty fabric storage envelope with Call me spring

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After teaching us how to make a very nice fabric basket, Camille, the creator of Call me spring, comes back to. This time, she explains how to make a very ingenious storage envelope to hang on the wall to slip her little papers and others. duration : about 1 hour Cost : around € 5 (not including the sewing machine)


You will need: - a sewing machine - an iron - A meter - Pins - A needle and thread - Scissors - A nice news: 739845 fabric - A lining - Interfacing


1. Cut your news: 739845 fabric - as well as the lining - according to the measurements below.
2. Position the actu: 739845 fabric and the lining right sides together.
3. Position the interlining that you will have cut as in the photo below - 2 rectangles of the same size and a triangle. You need to be able to fold your envelope - the stabilizer will allow your storage envelope to hold better.

4. With your iron, fix the stabilizer.
5. Pin.
6. Sew together the lining and the news: 739845 fabric with a zig-zag stitch - and leaving a 10 cm hole so that you can easily turn the item over.
7. Turn the book over.
8. Fold your work to form an envelope, pin the two sides.
9. Use a straight stitch on both sides as well as on the bottom of the envelope - for better support.
10. Cut the small wires. 11. Plug the 10 cm hole left earlier at the invisible point with a needle and thread.
12. All you have to do is hang your creation on the wall!

Thanks to Camille from Call me spring for her creation! You can find it on his shop: Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your pretty storage envelopes on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!