DIY wedding: boxes for homemade origami sugared almonds

DIY wedding: boxes for homemade origami sugared almonds

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A wedding without the traditional sugared almonds to the guests is unthinkable for you! It is THE little gift, pretty and delicious, that your loved ones will take home with them as a souvenir of this memorable day. You will then have to look into the presentation of your sugared almonds ... If you have decided to carry out all the decoration for D-Day by yourself, here is a small DIY, simple and economical to make pretty bi-pyramidal paper boxes which will contain your delicacies. You will only need to make strips of lightly cardboard paper and a little meticulousness to fold these original containers neatly. Bring with you: - plain colored paper or one with slightly cardboard patterns (approximately 120g / m2) - a paper cutter, a cutter and a ruler or a pair of scissors to cut strips in the paper - a masking tape roll (optional)


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