New Ora vacuums from Black & Decker

New Ora vacuums from Black & Decker

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Like Dyson, Black & Decker is a brand associated with hand vacs. Efficient and ergonomic, these vacuum cleaners have won over. This is why the brand is today releasing two new versatile models. Indeed, Black & Decker offer modular stick vacuums equipped with ORA technology. Let's discover them together!

Practical and efficient, the ORA range of vacuum cleaners meets our needs

Because a conventional vacuum cleaner cannot do everything, Black & Decker has developed a range of versatile stick vacuums. Less bulky and more manageable, these vacuum cleaners make it possible to clean hard-to-access spaces such as stairs, ceilings or attic rooms. Among the two new models, we find a stick vacuum with floor extension and a 2 in 1 stick vacuum with removable hand vacuum. Thanks to an ergonomic handle, a swivel head and an extension of 80 cm, these Black & Decker vacuums clean your house from floor to ceiling but also all types of surfaces.

New technology vacuum cleaners

The new range of Black & Decker vacuum cleaners stands out thanks to ORA technology. This allows you to vacuum a room in a single pass thanks to a large air flow and a quality Lithium battery which ensures constant power. Depending on the model chosen, the vacuum cleaner has a wall attachment or a charging station. The autonomy is between 17 and 25 minutes and this, without drop in engine speed. When the suction is no longer optimal, an indicator light comes on.
The new Ora vacuum cleaners from Black & Decker have the 12 Air-Cyclone system which allows fine dust to be kept inside the appliance, in the dust bin. The latter is very easily emptied since it can be ejected with a single click and cleaned with clean water. To go further, Black & Decker has equipped its new vacuum cleaners with perfectly waterproof materials. Available since February 2015 in all specialist stores, the new Ora vacuum cleaners from Black & Decker display very reasonable prices. The stick vacuum cleaner with floor extension is sold for 229.90 euros and the 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner with removable hand vacuum cleaner 329.90 euros.