Create a new room in the house

Create a new room in the house

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Need an additional bedroom, a dressing room or an office? And if you decide to create a new piece. In house or apartment, in the new as in the old, there are a multitude of solutions and even tips to have an extra room. How to do ? Here are some answers.

All the solutions for mounting a fixed partition

To have an additional room, it is possible to mount a fixed partition. For this, you can opt for aerated concrete tiles. Easy to transport and install, these concrete blocks allow you to quickly benefit from an extra room. Plaster tiles can also be used to create a new room. Lighter than aerated concrete tiles, they offer excellent insulation, both acoustically and thermally. Plaster or concrete tiles fit very simply, they must then be fixed with adhesive mortar. For more DIYers, it is possible to create a new room by mounting a fixed partition in terracotta. Presented in the form of bricks, which can be mounted dry, with glue or plaster, this option is inexpensive, ecological and economical. You should know that the terracotta bricks have the BBC label. Finally, if the room you want to create does not have a light source, you can integrate glass bricks in addition to concrete, plaster or terracotta bricks. A real decorative asset, these glass tiles are also easy to install. They offer solidity and sound and thermal insulation.

The choice of modularity thanks to the sliding partition

The family is growing but you don't have an extra room? Thanks to the sliding partition, a large bedroom can accommodate a space for babies while ensuring the parents' privacy. The sliding partition can also hide an XXL dressing room, a desk, a dining area or a space dedicated to relaxation or creative leisure. Installing a sliding partition does not require large-scale work and can therefore be carried out by everyone. There are two types of sliding partitions: sliding partitions on rails and sliding partitions on cylinders. Both are economical and incredibly practical. In addition, the sliding partitions are infinitely available to satisfy all our decorative desires. You can opt for wooden or aluminum partitions, colored partitions or even mirror partitions. If you need light, sliding partitions incorporating glass and another material can be fitted. These are partially or completely transparent and can even offer a little fantasy!

Call a professional

Sometimes, although the surface area allows, the arrangement of a house or an apartment complicates the creation of a new room. Because it then requires more work, calling on a professional such as an architect or a building specialist, is one solution. The latter will propose plans, solutions and services for carrying out the work.


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