My tiles are cracked. What can I do ?

My tiles are cracked. What can I do ?

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Is your tile cracked? Whether in a living room or in a water room, on the wall or on the floor, before proceeding with repairs, the cause of the crack must be determined. For this, you do not really have a choice, you must call on a professional, namely a tiler. Why does a tile crack? How to repair cracked tiles? Here are the editorial responses.

Cracked tiles: determining the cause

Before repairing cracked tiles, the cause of the inconvenience must be found. If you don't, chances are that the new tile will also crack or the coating chosen as a replacement will deteriorate. There are a multitude of causes that can explain that a tile cracks. The most frequent are: - Falling of a heavy object, - Sagging of the support, - Settlement of the support, - Absence of expansion joint, - Laying of sloppy tiles.
Good to know : The expansion joint must imperatively be installed if the tiled surface is greater than 40 m².

Call back the company that carried out the work

When we find that our tiles are cracked, many of us want to ask for repair from the company that did the work. But is it really possible? Unfortunately, unless the fault is obvious, it is difficult to attack the company that carried out the work or, in the case of a new house, the builder. Indeed, the legal procedure is as complex as it is long. You can contact the professional who carried out the work. If the latter is in good faith, he will carry out the work at competitive prices or even free of charge, if few tiles are to be changed. He can also determine the cause of the crack and refer you to another building professional if necessary.

Cracked tiles: get repairs done

Once the cause of the crack has been determined and taken care of, you can proceed with repair work. It is best to use a tiler. He will inspect the crack, advise you on any work to be done before changing the coating and give you an estimate. Do not hesitate to contact several professionals to verify the diagnosis and compare prices. Be aware that the work is not necessarily important. Basic repairs can be made. Remember that you should always keep a few extra tiles in order to deal with this type of problem.