4 grandma's tips to remove tea stains from dishes

4 grandma's tips to remove tea stains from dishes

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Tea lovers have surely already been confronted with this problem: their cup stained with theine which forms inside a large brown mark. Only problem: the dishwasher and the sponge with washing up liquid are not enough to remove them! To help you find mugs like new, the editorial offers you 4 easy-to-carry grandmother tips.

Tip # 1: rub the cup with lemon

Tip number 1 is certainly the one that is the easiest to perform because it only asks to get a lemon! Maybe you already have one lying around in your fridge, so take it and follow these two steps: cut your lemon in half and then gently rub the inside of your cup. Rinse, dry, and the tea stains are magically gone!

Tip # 2: use a drop of bleach

We thought the bleach reserved for the elimination of bacteria in the toilet or in the bathtub, well it was a false idea! It is also very effective in removing traces of tea. Simply pour warm water with a hint of bleach at the bottom of the cup. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly! No need to rub, and the result is perfect.

Tip n ° 3: a sponge stroke with clay stone

If the tip with bleach doesn't tempt you more than that, you should appreciate the tip with clay stone. If it works miracles with limestone for example, this is also the case for tea stains. No need to leave it to soak for hours, or to rub like a frenzy, you only have to pass a simple stroke of a sponge soaked in clay stone and to rinse.

Tip 4: a bath of white vinegar

Finally, last tip, just as effective: soak your stained dishes in a bath of heated white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.


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