Walk'n'Roll, designer flannery

Walk'n'Roll, designer flannery

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To support the urban transformation of a district - in this case that of Part-Dieu in Lyon -, the Supernova workshop imagined suitable and fun pedestrian signage: Walk'n'Roll. The Supernova workshop - founded by two Lyon designers: Claudine Faure and Giovanni Mendini - has implemented pedestrian signage developed on the theme of urban change in the Part-Dieu district in Lyon as part of Lyon City Design 2015, organized in resonance to the International Design Biennial of Saint-Etienne. To accompany the public to discover a more sensitive face of this district, the Supernova workshop has designed signage that encourages exploration and strolling. Walk'n'Roll encourages pedestrians to slow down, to take the time to appreciate urban life, to explore the surrounding cultural places: the Auditorium, the Library or even the Halles Bocuse.

The design is simple: the distances are indicated in minutes, the panels move vertically according to their positions. You can even take the time to sit there. On the base, there are also audio tracks to flash on the base, giving some elements of offset sound information.

For this project, the Supernova workshop won the City award from Lyon City Design 2015.