This pepper mill deactivates your smartphones during a meal

This pepper mill deactivates your smartphones during a meal

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If you are tired of waiting for your son to finish breaking his Candy Crush record before he can fill his plate. If you are tired of having your friends take a picture of the good meal you prepared for them rather than enjoying it. If you realize that your eyes are more attracted to the television that is on than to the people around the table ... Dolmio Australia has found the simple, effective and invisible solution that prevents anyone sitting at your table from using a technological device. And this link-creating object is nothing but a ... pepper mill! The concept is simple: the Pepper Hacker is an ultra-technological kitchen utensil which would deactivate your television, your WiFi network or the applications of the mobile devices present in your house. A bit like a remote control, this pepper tree would use the home automation system of your house to deactivate all the devices connected to it in a simple turn of the mill! This stroke of genius is actually an advertising campaign launched by the brand Dolmio Australia specializing in pasta sauces. A film made with a hidden camera (unfortunately only available in English) shows the effect of the Pepper Hacker on several hyper-connected families. First disillusioned by the inexplicable shutdown of their technological devices, the members of the different families will finally have a good time together, without any screen coming to disturb their discussions.

For those who already imagine using this magic pepper tree in their house, know that only prototypes have been created for the campaign. So far, no promise for sale has been announced! Maybe one day mothers will be able to secretly disconnect all the devices from the house during a meal, but that, only the future will tell us. In the meantime, you can always try the technique of this father who, tired of seeing his sons using their phones at the table, takes out his typewriter during dinner!

Source: Mumbrella